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Our games have all been play-tested on the in-house test group (read: kiddos) and on other families! We are excited to share our games with you and we hope that you will enjoy them too. 

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THE POCKET TALE (STANDARD)   |   2-6 players   |   Ages 8 +   |   SGD 16

Story cards
Story cards

A game of wits and persuasion. Read, Place and Convince! Read the Story Cards that you have on your hand. Place the one that you think best matches the last Story Card on the Story Line. Convince your friends that your story makes sense to earn points!

Our versatile Story Cards can also be used as conversation starters or story prompts. This game comes with 52 Story Cards featuring 52 different activities, 6 Personality Cards, 8 Action Cards and instructions for 2 game modes. Choose the advanced mode if you're up for some serious reading and story-telling! A great choice for encouraging reading and developing persuasion skills. 

THE POCKET TALE (CUSTOMISED)   |   2-6 players   |   Ages 8 +   |   SGD 38

Want an extra special gift? Order a Customised Deck to include activities that are special to you! A Customised Deck includes up to 15 unique Story Cards, featuring any activities or places that you want! Great as a birthday gift or as an interactive alternative to a family photo album. You name it, we draw it!

SAVANNAH SHOWDOWN   |   2-3 players   |   Ages 4 +   |   SGD 15

Battle your friends to be the Best Savannah Survivor! Flip a card and see who wins. Use the Chance cards to save yourself from getting eaten!

This game is our most popular game, especially amongst the younger players. It's an exciting way to learn concepts like "carnivore" and "herbivore" and to discover interesting facts about the savannah. Find out why hyenas can run for long distances, or why vultures are able to eat dead animals. Get your deck and start the showdown today!

WHERE'S MY PIZZA?   |   2-6 players   |   Ages 10 +   |   SGD 21

Featuring delicious pizza and charming animal friends, "Where's My Pizza?" is a bright and cheery Math game for anyone who wants to make fractions more fun. Serve your customers and learn Math along the way! This game comes with helpful pizza diagrams for each fraction (we've got halves, thirds, quarters and sixths) and lots of special action cards for plenty of math fun!

Complete all your customers' orders before your food gets stolen or before someone poaches away your customer, and you'll be the winner!

BREADPACKING   |   2-4 players   |   Ages 10 +   |   SGD 25

Go bread-packing with us to learn about countries, cultures and continents! This chunky, world-encompassing game is our BIGGEST game yet, and it comes packed with bread and baked goods from around the world.

Answer Challenge Cards to activate special powers. Use Action Cards to steal, trade, or sabotage others to be the first to get bread from all 7 continents. A must-have for bread-lovers and all who are interested in learning about countries and civilisations.


1. How much is delivery?

Within SG - FREE

Please contact us for international delivery fees. We ship worldwide (:

2. Did you draw all the pictures yourself?

Yes. All the artwork and card designs featured on all the cards here are original creations. 

3. Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We offer attractive discounts for orders of 10 decks and above. Leave us your email in the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.  

4. (The Pocket Tale) Should I get a Standard Deck or a Customised Deck? 

A Standard Deck costs SGD 16 and is ready for shipping. It includes a wide range of activities - hiking, running, reading, painting, pranking, you name it! Get this if you are happy to go wherever the stories take you. 

A Customised Deck costs SGD 38 and requires 1 week to design and 1-2 weeks to print (timeline quoted by the printer). Choose this if there are certain activities/memories that you would really like to include. A Customised Deck makes a great anniversary/birthday gift. It is a unique and interactive way to remember life by. We've got requests to include biking through the country, drive-in movies, fan art, and dinosaurs! You name it, we draw it. 

5. How do I make payment?

Leave us your email and we'll get back to you with payment details. We accept payment via PayLah (DBS) or PayNow (OCBC) for SG customers. We also accept PayPal or payment by most credit cards. 

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